Largest Sporting Goods Retailer in the World, Decathlon, Boosts On-Time Deliveries with LogiNext


Decathlon, with a million daily shipments moving through its 1100 stores across the world, picks the best global route and resource optimization solution provider, LogiNext, to streamline their merchandise movement with accurate on-time deliveries and complete end-to-end distribution visibility.
Decathlon plans to leverage LogiNext’s superior analytics backed logistics optimization to boost their market across major developing nations to replicate its ‘French market domination’ across the world!


Detailed Report: Decathlon and LogiNext Partnership


The largest sporting goods retailer worldwide ties up with the fastest growing SaaS company in logistics and field workforce optimization. Decathlon partnering with LogiNext to extend the power of its superior distribution network in multiple developing markets, looking to recreate its French market domination in other countries.


Through machine learning algorithms designed to read traffic and weather patterns from historical delivery movement information, LogiNext, has managed to set-up a unique solution set for Decathlon that offers exceptional logistics movement visibility across geographies for the sporting goods giants.


Along with movement visibility, hub-load analytics around fleet movement can be automated using LogiNext’s planning engine. Tracking the fleet vehicles through a centralized controlling dashboard, Decathlon can plan their delivery routes and estimated time of arrivals backed by actual real-time ground-level location analytics. This would help them eliminate bottlenecks, both predictable and unpredictable, such as planning for the workforce for loading and unloading around the regularly updated estimated time of arrivals.


Decathlon Partners With LogiNext

Decathlon Partners With LogiNext


LogiNext CEO, Dhruvil Sanghvi laid out his vision for the innovative partnership between his company and Decathlon, “We now know that logistics movement can be a huge bottle neck or a smooth dissemination engine, based on how you upgrade and maintain your delivery management system. The world has moved fast into the realm of technology backed optimization leveraging the power of cloud computing and virtual machine learning to match and serve the ever-increasing global demand for goods and consumables.


Decathlon has built its worldwide following through extensive, exhaustive, and intriguing product lineups. To ensure that the right product reaches the right customer at the right time in the right manner, Decathlon has partnered with LogiNext. At LogiNext, we persevere in the direction of perfection in terms of optimization management.”


Decathlon plans to expand its market capitalization in strategic demographics up to 20%. One of the contributing factors to their growth would be LogiNext’s superior optimization solutions. The future of sporting goods manufacturing and usage is set to increase multi-fold as the demand for sports merchandise has grown exponentially in the past few years. Delivery management and optimization would play a key role in bridging the supply and demand in this industry.


About Decathlon: Decathlon, founded in 1976, has grown to more than €10 billion in 2016. Spread across 28 countries across the world, the sports retailer has consolidated its powerful base in Europe, while expanding in South and Southeast Asia. With more than 1100 stores worldwide, and a significant workforce of more than 75,000 professionals, Decathlon has constructed and built on its sustainable development policy on a global scale.


Decathlon Partners with LogiNext

Decathlon Partners with LogiNext


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