Why should CPG and FMCG businesses invest in dispatcher mobile app?

Why Should FMCG and CPG Businesses Invest in a Dispatcher Mobile App?

In the dynamic landscape of logistics, the Dispatcher Mobile App emerges as a game-changer, redefining how dispatch managers like Alexa navigate the challenges of Consumer Packaged Goods. Witness the evolution from the constraints of traditional dispatching to the freedom offered by LogiNext’s innovative solution. This is not just a story of transformation; it’s a testament to the power of technology in streamlining operations, enhancing visibility, and charting a new course for dispatchers across industries.


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The Pre-Dispatcher Mobile App Era

Life of a dispatcher without Dispatcher Mobile App


Today, we dive into the life of Alexa. She’s a dispatch manager at one of the fastest-growing CPG businesses. Before getting her hands on the dispatcher app, her life was a chaotic symphony of phone calls, paper trails, and constant worry. Every order delivery felt like a challenge to complete without hassle. Feeling chained to her desk, Sarah had to face calls from customers, and drivers, and deal with unexpected delays. The outdated system further left her in the dark until an issue erupted.

Life After Dispatcher Mobile App

Frustrated with the constant delays, she wanted to find a solution that could fix dispatcher problems. When searching for the best dispatcher mobile app, she stumbled upon the LogiNext Mile Mobile App. After a free trial, she was convinced that the Dispatcher App was the solution to untangle the knots of dispatching problems. But in what ways were the operations impacted using the Dispatcher Mobile App?


Life of Dispatcher Using LogiNext Dispatcher Mobile App

1. Receive Instant Real-Time Notifications for Swift Cargo Course Corrections

Dispatchers now can take action right from their mobile devices. Whether it be early morning or late night operational impact, course correction could be handled directly via the dispatcher mobile app. For example, if the dispatcher sees the driver not following the scheduled delivery route. They can easily access the app, call the driver, and then reroute deliveries just in a matter of minutes. By getting notified directly on the mobile app, dispatchers can make adjustments to avert any delivery disruptions.

2. Monitor Operational Efficiency in Real Time on a Single-screen

Be it CPG or any logistics business, efficient operations have become the need of the hour. Dispatchers can rely on the Dispatcher App to monitor operational efficiency in real-time. Sara could now have lunch with her team without managing operations being chained to her desk. She and other dispatchers could access detailed analytics and performance metrics on a single screen. With the control tower right in the pocket, it allows them to make informed decisions on the fly.


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3. Track your Delivery Vehicle- Anytime, Anywhere!

As the sun sets, and dispatchers wrap up their day, their role as a dispatcher never really stops. Thanks to the Dispatcher Mobile App, they could seamlessly track all delivery vehicles in real-time, regardless of their physical location. Whether at home, attending a conference, or even on vacation, the app’s Live Screen feature ensures they are always connected to the heartbeat of her fleet. With a newfound sense of control and visibility over fleet operations, dispatchers are no longer haunted by logistical nightmares.


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4. Efficient Logistics Planning and Execution with Delivery Run Sheet (DRS)

The use of DRS allows dispatchers to meticulously plan for their fleet operations which helps create optimized routes, minimizing travel time and fuel costs. By fine-tuning delivery timings, dispatchers meet delivery timelines, enhancing customer satisfaction. With the help of skillsets and geocoding, resources can be deployed to the right places, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing unnecessary costs.


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5. Coordination with Inscan and Outscan Processes

Inscan and Outscan processes function seamlessly with the Dispatcher Mobile App. This integration ensures that the planned routes align with the efficient movement of goods within the warehouse, streamlining the entire supply chain from the initial scanning of goods to their final delivery.

Get Your Hands on LogiNext’s Mobile Dispatcher App

Our dispatcher mobile app becomes your virtual assistant to carry out your dispatching operations with finesse. Make your dispatchers chart success for your business by optimizing and streamlining operations from your fingertips. Check out the LogiNext Dispatcher Mobile App on the Play Store and soon going live on the App Store. Click on the red button below to speak with our experts and buckle up to take your logistics operations to greater heights.



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