Best Tech Solution for Post and Parcel Delivery Companies

The rise of eCommerce and on demand home deliveries has revolutionized the entire post and parcel delivery space. National Posts were traditionally reliant on letters but bulk of the business has now shifted to parcels. Even for courier companies, the stress on digitizing and automating parcel delivery management has never been so critical.

Challenges for Post and Parcel Delivery Companies

Delivering goods and parcels is an extremely operation intensive domain. There are several challenges that a company faces including:

Lack of visibility: A lot of enterprises have minimal or no visibility over their logistics operations which becomes difficult to make projections or take meaningful decisions to align with business objectives.

Delay in parcel delivery: This is one metric all brands care about the most. No one likes late deliveries as more is the delay in delivery, worse is the customer experience.

Satisfying customer expectations: To compete with the likes of Amazon and Uber in terms of delivery and mobility, enterprises need to stay up to date and deliver a modern user experience. For traditional conglomerates, this becomes a challenge some times.

Delivery Driver Management: Most of the parcel deliveries are made by personnel on the basis of their own knowledge and there is no visibility on how efficiently are these deliveries being made. This makes delivery driver management a critical piece of the entire parcel delivery puzzle.

Dispatch Software for Courier Management and Parcel Delivery

To tackle the above challenges, we’ve been working on building a comprehensive technology platform which is hosted on the cloud and allows enterprises to rapidly overhaul their supply chain and manage orders and parcel deliveries in an efficient manner.

Here are some of the features which make the LogiNext platform most suited for post and parcel delivery companies:

Enable Service Types

As a post and parcel business, one of the biggest ability is to allow your customers the choice in terms of services. With the advent of Prime services, the LogiNext platform lets you enable several service types at the click of a button. For instance, if you have same day parcel delivery as an offering, that can be created as a service type and offered to your end customer as a premium offering with a great end customer experience.

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ePOD and eSignature

How electronic proof of delivery works
A small but critical part of the entire courier management software, is the ability to collect electronic proof of delivery (also called e signs) to ensure digital record keeping. The LogiNext platform allows you to do this seamlessly for several use cases.

Service Area Profiling

In the LogiNext platform, one can define areas where a certain kind of service is possible and where it is not. For instance, is a parcel has to be picked up in a suburban area and has to be delivered to an even further away remote destination, a certain service type can be disabled. Service Area Profiling is used to assign rules to areas and pin codes which can then be used for other functions.

Delivery Driver Management and Driver Leaderboard

One of the most critical elements of a courier management software is the assessment of performance of delivery drivers and how are they being managed.

LogiNext Platform for Delivery Driver Gamification
LogiNext’s SaaS platform which has a driver app gives several options for bringing down the delivery cost. An operations manager has the ability to gamify the process and have a friendly leaderboard running for the drivers so that everyone is motivated to perform their best. We’ve seen earnings of drivers go up by 2x as they are now incentivised to make more deliveries.

There are also features like alerts and notification which can be popped up so that drivers take a break after a stipulated time.

Enhanced Customer Experience

LogiNext Platform is a white labelled solution which gives the capability to customize the user interface (UI) according to the brands logo along with the ability to sending custom branded tracking URLS.

The modern UI and UX also gives the brands the ability to give an experience at par with any technology company without having to build it inhouse. At a per license fee per month, one can get access to the most modern tech stack with all the capabilities.

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