Best Delivery Management Software for CPG Industry

3 Reasons to Choose the Best Delivery Management Software for Your Business

Digitization is no more a choice for any business, it is a necessity. A delayed delivery can be a major deciding factor for customers to have a perception of any brand. The world of logistics, eCommerce, food delivery, and everything in between requires multiple factors to be successful. However, the major one is having a delivery management software that takes care of the end-to-end process flawlessly.

77% of customers say that the delivery experience, including speed and accuracy, impacts their decision to shop with a retailer again.

A convenient delivery experience doesn’t have to be a time taking and costly affair if the resources and technology are used efficiently. From accurate fleet management and allocation to keeping the customers informed about their delivery status. Choosing the best delivery management software depends on the nature of your business and the industry that you belong to. Needs and demands from delivery management software are different for eCommerce businesses and different for F&B businesses.

Even after the different natures of businesses, everyone is looking for a similar set of benefits from the option they choose. They majorly include:
– Faster Deliveries
– Better Time Management
– Reduced Fuel Consumption
– Happier Customers

Ready to choose the best delivery management software for your business? Let us help you with the list of essential features before you invest in a delivery management system.

Top 3 reasons you need a delivery management solution for your business:

To gain end-to-end visibility for keeping your customers updated-

Be it a first-mile, middle-mile, or last-mile scenario, end-to-end visibility of consignments is essential for enterprises as well as customers. With LogiNext’s GPS fleet tracking system, it is easy to get real-time updates about the fleet, driver behavior, on-road updates, and many more. For businesses like eCommerce and F&B where the end customers are to be notified, the facility of real-time tracking and ETA is what one should be looking for in a delivery management system.

For example, Amazon keeps their customers always updated with the order status, ETA, and every detail that a customer needs to know. This makes Amazon one of the best eCommerce destinations as they never compromise on customer satisfaction.

To optimize your routes and vehicle capacity to the fullest-

The global home delivery management software market size is projected to reach $4012 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 12.7% from 2020 to 2027, states a study from The Insight Partners.

These stats have shown a drastic spike since the Covid-19 pandemic as people started preferring their orders delivered at home beyond eCommerce requirements. With multiple orders coming for QSR businesses and the need for multiple trips to various locations like retail outlets, route optimization, and fleet capacity management are two major features that delivery management software must include. Route optimization is much more than identifying the fastest route. It includes optimization for numerous orders, allocating it to the right drivers while automating the entire process in such a way that the information is useful in the future for making more informed decisions using delivery routing software. The best delivery management system will offer ways to get the consignments delivered in an efficient manner without making multiple trips every day.

To have a plethora of third party logistics carriers options to choose from-

Offering timely deliveries need precise management in a way that saves money and offers a splendid customer experience. Choosing the most suitable third-party logistics provider can be a daunting task if done manually. However, delivery management software these days offer convenient integration with these third-party providers. Hence, you are free to choose the one that suits your business needs in the best possible way.

Wish to see how all of this looks? Take a look!

Delivery Management Software for CPG Business

With multiple benefits for enterprises, delivery management software can offer a plethora of benefits for riders doing the actual work on the ground. They can be updated with real-time alerts regarding the consignments along with convenient in-scan and outscan at hubs. Along with this, the customers can also have the privilege of being informed about the shipment or order status throughout the journey right from order placement to delivery. These benefits include live tracking, estimated time of arrival for deliveries, and other essential information.

Apart from this, delivery management solutions should always help you with three major things:

– Auto Allocation of Riders

– Better Consignment Visibility

– Improved Fleet Management

If you are still looking for a suitable solution for your business and smoother functioning with streamlined operations, LogiNext is here to help you in every way possible. Click the red button and reach out, our team of experts will be happy to assist you!



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