Why 3D Packing Optimization is a must have in your Transportation Management System

In our pursuit of building a modern world of advanced logistics technology, digitization and optimization of logistics management play a critical role. A transportation automation platform is basically a best transportation management software 2.0 which is hosted on the cloud and a plug & play solution for the needs of an enterprise that wants visibility into delivery management. And within this, 3D packing optimization is a key feature that helps brands and enterprises pack goods or load a container in the most efficient manner. 

Firstly, what is a Transportation Automation Platform? 

Be it B2B distribution of goods and parcels or last mile delivery, any organization engaging in delivery management needs to use software to keep track of the entire supply chain. A Transportation Automation Platform is a delivery management system that helps CSCOs (chief supply chain officers), digital transformation officers, logistics operation administrators keep a track of the entire supply chain process- right from order management to packing and dispatching in an efficient manner using route optimization and route planning. Over this, a transportation automation platform also has an analytics and reporting dashboard which gives insights to drive business results. 

Challenges in logistics management

There are innumerable areas that need to be looked into when a brand is into delivering goods and parcels. For increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs while delivering a great customer experience, here are some of the challenges that come into the picture:

  • Inefficiency in packing goods in a container
  • Calculating ETAs accurately so that there are no delays 
  • Efficient route optimization 
  • Driver shortages
  • Increasing expectations in terms of delivery speeds

What is 3d Packing Optimization?

3d packing optimization is a feature of a Transportation Automation Platform that aims to solve the first challenge in the above-mentioned points and its effects automatically percolate through to other areas. 

A 3d packing optimization feature factors in several variables:

  • Number of packages
  • Weight and volume
  • Type of carrier
  • Priority of delivery
  • The temperature of goods and required conditions for delivery
  • Skillset of loaders
  • Type and size of crates within the container

Considering all of the above factors, the 3d packing optimization capability gives the operations manager or a warehouse manager the best way in which inventory can be stored in a warehouse and the best way in which a carrier can be loaded with parcels and goods.

The artificial intelligence and machine learning-based algorithms factor in all the variables and come up with a digital plan which can be printed and handed out to the crew on the field who is overseeing the packaging. 

Advantages of Optimal Resource Utilization

Apart from 3d packing optimization, there are several other areas where efficiency can be brought in. For instance, if one looks at transportation in general in a CEP (courier, express and parcel) scenario, there are several legs. There are people writing letters, ordering items from eCommerce sites, etc. All these letters or parcels need to be collected from their source of origin and brought to hubs from where they can be taken to the main collection hub.

From here, they are further shipped to hubs closer to where the final destination is and then the last mile delivery happens. In this entire process, there is enormous scope when it comes to route optimization. A transportation automation platform factors in several variables like traffic conditions, priority of orders, weather conditions, and such to come up with the most optimized route which saves upto 20% in costs and proportionately increases operational excellence. 


At the heart of any best transportation management software, there are important features like route optimization and 3d packing optimization. Leveraging these, a brand or enterprise can truly give a great customer experience and take the bar higher up for effective delivery management.

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