20 memes to lighten up the world of logistics and supply chain!

Memes are the latest rage that is all over the internet and we have tried to leverage them based on the latest trends in the logistics industry. While the logistics and supply chain industry is always under stress to meet its customer’s demands, this blog is for all those hard-working and dedicated people in this industry to have a hearty laugh. So without further ado, let’s dive into the most trending memes for logistics and supply chain.

First up, we have a meme that demonstrates what happens when you don’t use automation for logistics and the supply chain!

YODA- Disturbance in the supply chain

supply chain problem meme

Me waiting for the delivery on receiving the update that my order will be delivered today!

Package out for delivery office meme

Still Waiting…

Waiting Parcel Delivery meme

The moment you realize how you can improve your delivery performance by using route optimization software.

joy of real time ETA meme

Well, why do you think so? Comment your answer below!

Shipment and Cargo meme

Efforts the last mile delivery operator undertakes to ensure seamless delivery, Boromir approves!

Last Mile Delivery Optimization Meme

What would you choose? Faster Delivery Time or Affordable rates?

Shipment problems for beginners meme


A short transit time vs the cheapest freight?

Short transit time vs cheap freight meme

 Automate your logistics with the latest CRM integrations.

CRM integration meme

Automate timesheets for deliveries using an advanced delivery management software

Timesheet filling CRM meme

Well something that the marketing and sales team can connect with 😛

Sales Call stories meme

Marketing and sales meme

The best marketing strategy! Well, don’t we all choose option 2!

Marketing Strategy we all fall for meme

One for the tech team; showcasing the importance of disaster recovery.

The need for disaster recovery meme

The best solution to meet your logistics and supply chain needs-

best automation logistics firm meme

Well, that’s all folks! Hope you had a great time with this meme blog on logistics and supply chain operations. Until next time!

In conclusion, these relatable logistics and supply chain memes offer a lighthearted perspective on industry challenges. Embrace the humor and consider how supply chain visibility software can enhance efficiency in navigating these common scenarios. Stay informed, stay amused, and optimize your logistics journey with the power of technology.

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