Win the last mile with the right tech and highly-motivated drivers

The last mile. It’s called so because it’s the last phase of your logistics and the part which has the most impact on end-customer satisfaction. The people handling it should know the importance of each aspect of their work. So, you got the best delivery routing software to help make deliveries faster through shorter routes. You made perfect delivery schedules and handle all incoming load properly across available capacity. On paper, you should see at least a 30% bump in delivery movement efficiency.

However, before you jump to claiming great-deliveries-fulfilled, you must ensure that the drivers are using the technology properly.

To begin with, you can train them extensively for the same. LogiNext’s detailed change management program directs you to the complete point where each stakeholder is well versed with the system and how best to use it.

This should be enough to make the 30% bump, right? Well, there’s more. Now, your drivers should consistently use the software the right way. This gets tricky as it comes down to human nature. How can you track and optimize the regular behavior of your associates?

Here’s your answer: LogiNext’s Leaderboard!

Driver Performance Boost

This is where technology merges with the human element. There are some key aspects which when done right makes the entire delivery experience memorable.

  • Maintaining accurate dispatch times
  • Making on-time deliveries, every time
  • Capturing appropriate electronic proof of delivery information
  • Taking accurate customer feedback
  • And, of course, a positive customer rating

There are many more such elements which can be identified and tracked. All these elements form, piece by piece, a great delivery experience, and in turn, high customer satisfaction, high customer lifetime value, increased average order size.

In the ‘Leaderboard’, the system tracks the delivery associate’s or driver’s performance (along the above-mentioned elements), and forms key ratings for the associate. The delivery associate or driver can check out their ratings right from the app. They would see:

  • How well they have performed?
  • What are the improvement areas?
  • Where they stand as compared to their peers?

All the top delivery associates would be ranked on the leaderboard. Excelling in each element of evaluation would earn them a batch. The associates can share their batches and achievement through in-app chatting or on external social outlets. This gives structure and direction to their efforts and fuels them up with ambition.

Train your delivery professionals the right way!

Your delivery associates and drivers would get points for each successful on-time delivery. Let them feel proud of putting that extra effort in creating a better delivery experience for the customer.

Help your associates put in their best efforts to create the perfect delivery experience. Train them to push for faster deliveries as they serve the customers better. Guide them do the right things to boost their own performance.

Know which delivery professionals are doing great

Champion drivers and delivery professionals

Give your top associates and drivers the right boost by celebrating their hard work. They can share their ratings with their colleagues and friends. This sense of achievement would make them chase excellence more and more.

Make change management a smooth and rewarding experience

Make your delivery associates and drivers utilize each aspect of the technology in their hands. Incentivize positive efforts to make their work even better by using app-identified shorter routes and optimized delivery schedules while capturing each customer feedback.

With LogiNext, high-end machine learning enabled logistics optimization rounds off at the end with human-driven achievements. In the world of fast-moving deliveries, this balance creates a sustainable and scalable model of efficiency.

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