Ever Thought Why The Flash, The ‘Superhero Speedster’, Is So Fast? He Also Uses LogiNext’s Route Optimization Software!


Barry Allen comes and goes as he pleases, when he pleases, and at what speed pleases. Welcome to the world of ‘Super Heroes’ where Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash Rules Speed. Zoom! The Flash just went by you, and you didn’t even notice, that’s how fast he can be. However, for the sake of better understanding… here he is again in freeze frame.


Flash Optimizing Routes

The Flash Running With Route Optimization


Before we begin, let’s have a Flash flashback


Previously on ‘The Flash’: Barry Allen was struck by lightning during an atomic energy storm following an explosion at a particle accelerator/collider at STAR labs in Central City. The accident transformed him in to the Crimson Streak, the Flash, a super speedster savior. He battles his meta-human (with super human abilities) enemies with the help of his friends at STAR labs, a technology hub-point for his activities.


Meanwhile… in the real world: Never has anyone so owned Maverick’s dialogue from Top Gun, “I feel the need! The Need for Speed!”. I bet Tom Cruise would love to be the next Flash. He might even pitch for the role of ‘Kid Flash’. But moving on from Tom’s youthful self-identity, we would like to officially announce something. LogiNext, the fastest growing SaaS enterprise in logistics management solutions, route planning, and field service workforce optimization, relates unequivocally with ‘The Flash’.


Let me fast track you through the common elements between LogiNext and The Flash


The Flash has covered millions of miles on his quest for justice. LogiNext has covered distances in miles in the multiples of millions for its clients.

The Flash has earned global recognition for his achievements, such as the Key to Central City. LogiNext has earned multiple awards for its exceptional work in  route planning and field service workforce management, such as the Aegis Graham Bell Award, Red Herring, Forbes (30 Under 30), Frost N Sullivan, IBM Awards, and many more.

The Flash never takes a break from work, even when he is on a date with Iris West (his crush and his adoptive sister… it’s complicated). LogiNext is always on, everywhere, anywhere, without ever taking a break (and there is nothing complicated there).

The Flash wears a red suit. LogiNext has the red-theme logo (Check it out here)

And the most important point… Flash can run at super speeds. LogiNext can track Flash at those super speeds and send real-time feedback and updates, with a timely detailed report back to STAR labs, for Cisco Ramon’s consideration. For the newcomers, Cisco is Flash’s trusted tech mastermind, also known as ‘Vibe’.


The similarities don’t end here…


The Top Four ‘LogiNext’ Powers ‘The Flash’ Uses to Save The World


Flash Planning Routes

The Flash Planning Routes With LogiNext


Super Speed

As you might have caught on, Flash has super speed. He zips through the lanes and roads of Central City as he fights bad guys and puts them in tiny cells at STAR labs. Have you seen those cells? There are very small. Seems inhumane, but again, they are for ‘meta-humans’. It would be more funny if I said ‘in-humans’, but that term is used by Marvel; DC uses meta-humans. Getting back to point, Flash uses the fastest route planning and optimizationtools to manage his battles across the city. If he has a fight at the west end of town, and he is stuck in an awkward moment with Iris (adoptive sister, remember?), Flash can just turn on LogiNext Mile TM and optimize his routes in real-time, to reach his destination within moments. In this fictionalized take on the fictional show, who saved the day? The Flash or LogiNext?


Super Regenerative Powers


The Flash has super regenerative powers, which means that he heals at super speed. He might be dead-beat at the end of a day, but come morning, he is back to his winning and running ways. LogiNext does the same for its clients. Managers, after an exhaustive day, can wake up to the LogiNext promise: The most optimized field service workforce management system. The manager can just log in and use the best route planning and optimization tools available to mankind to effectively manage the field workforce.


Super Instincts


The Flash runs fast and this has been adequately established by now. At such breakneck speeds (and sometimes this has a literal meaning for Barry), Flash must analyze every minute detail of his surrounding to create the best possible strategy to overpower his opponents. If you follow the series, you would remember, that he picked this up from ‘The Arrow’, his friend, confidant, and another superhero. Oliver Queen a.k.a. The Green Arrow, taught Flash to perform expert analytics of every situation before jumping into it. LogiNext has been doing this all along. Our expert self-learning algorithms judge the surrounding of every representative in the client’s field service workforce to suggest the best strategy that the client can utilize.


Super Friends


Field Service Optimized with the Justice League

Justice League: Field Workforce Automated and Assembled

Cue in the Justice League (2017). Even though Batman vs Superman left our mouths wide open; sometimes in awe and sometimes in surprise/confusion. Justice League promises to be bigger and better, as it now has ‘The Flash’. LogiNext has enhanced and boosted many such leagues in integrated ERPs around the world. LogiNext’s super route planning and field workforce management has streamlined many conglomerate packages, taking companies to the highest levels of success. LogiNext has done more Justice to these Leagues than any other SaaS product in route planning, logistics management, and field service workforce optimization.


In closing… the movie Flash would say…


Location Analytics From The Flash

Flash Performing Location Analytics

Image Credits:

Image from ‘The Flash’ aired by The CW Network.

Image from the movie Justice League, DC Comics.

Gif from the movie Justice League, DC Comics (taken from giphy.com)

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