Chat and Deliver! LogiNext’s Latest Chat Feature is Better Than Slack and WhatsApp


Bring your delivery management system into the new world. Communicate with your delivery personnel and track their movement while you optimize their routes and ensure on-time deliveries, right from a single app. The future of internal communications is here. Move on Slack and WhatsApp, LogiNext just changed the game.


LogiNext has now launched a brand-new chat feature for its applications.


Chat with your on-field Delivery Personnel and Field Agents!


Chat within your delivery management system

Chat with On-field Delivery Personnel


It’s a new and exciting way to streamline and direct your resources to the most optimized fulfillment of deliveries which satisfies end-customers as it engages your resources to boost their efficiency.


Let’s understand some of the FAQs about LogiNext’s latest communication upgrade!


Frequently Asked Questions for Incorporating the Chat Feature


How does a chat feature work?


LogiNext’s Chat feature enables users to share instant messages within their group or to other individual users. The chat users include hub/branch managers and corresponding delivery personnel. The chat feature helps:


  • the manager to send a single message to any specific delivery personnel.
  • the delivery personnel to chat with other delivery personnel in the chat group of their branch.
  • the manager to broadcast specific messages to a set of, or the entirety of, the delivery personnel.


Broadcast Messages to Delivery Personnel

Broadcast Messages to Delivery Personnel


Why is a chat feature required in a B2B model?


Chatting and interactions have been the traditional way of gaining valuable ground-level insights for a business. It is said that one must spend time in the market to understand the localized conditions and adjust process accordingly. LogiNext’s Chat helps a business bring these interactions on to a business platform to turn them into actionable insights.


For example, if a delivery personnel witnesses sudden traffic build-up in some areas, that person can update the same on the group where the manager and other delivery associates can turn the information into appropriate actions.


The benefits of having a chatting platform as a part of an enterprise SaaS product is a consolidation of data and movement information for a more directed effort towards route optimization and increased last mile delivery efficiency.

How secure are the messages sent through the chat feature?


All messages that pass through LogiNext’s Chat are encrypted for the viewing of the senders and receivers only. Each user has unique credentials for logging into LogiNext’s application and web dashboard. This user would have exclusive visibility of their own messages and the messages sent to any groups they belong to.


Does LogiNext’s chat support image transfer?


Yes. You can send images through LogiNext’s Chat. The images would undergo lossless compression through our proprietary compression technology. This tech ensures the utmost quality in the smallest sizes. Optimized images help save on data and battery usage.


Does LogiNext’s chat show the location where the message was sent from?


Yes. The Chat feature depicts the time and location from where the messages have been sent. The manager can view the exact location for each past message by going into the chat history.


How many groups can be created within the chat feature?


Each branch would be considered as one chat group where the constituent manager and delivery personnel would be able to chat with each other. The more the number of branches, the more the chat groups.


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