LogiNext’s Global VP talks about digital transformation in transportation management systems


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are buzz words in the world logistics technology these days but what do they really mean? How is technology being utilized for logistics management, delivery route planning, fleet management, providing real time visibility and other such aspects in the global supply chain? In this video, CEO of UpTech Report, Alexander Ferguson got in conversation with Dinesh Dixit, LogiNext’s Global VP of Account Management to explore these topics and go in-depth to look at elements like sustainability, operational efficiency and the future of logistic management.



About LogiNext Mile: LogiNext Mile is an end-to-end transportation automation platform that helps enterprises digitize, optimize and automate their delivery management. From the first mile to the last mile, operation managers and CXOs can now have complete visibility over their supply chain which helps organizations reduce cost and improve operational excellence. Enterprises across CEP (Courier, Express, and Parcel), QSR chains (Quick Service Restaurants), Transportation, Retail and eCommerce are leveraging the LogiNext Mile platform to provide a superior customer experience.



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