LogiNext Transportation Automation Platform sets high security standards


LogiNext Transportation Automation Platform is an enterprise-grade TMS 2.0 which is used by Fortune 500 companies across industries- CEP (Courier, Express, and Parcel), eCommerce & Retail, Transportation 3PLs, QSR, and several others. With advanced features like route optimization, automated order scheduling, dynamic route planning, detailed delivery associate management and several others, the LogiNext MILE platform is used by brands to digitize, optimize and automate delivery management.


In this digital age, data is crucial and security even more so. The LogiNext MILE and HAUL platforms are compliant with the latest security standards like SOC 1,2,3, ISAE 3402, ISA 27018, among several other . On a recent partnership with Okta, LogiNext CEO, Dhruvil Sanghvi said,

Just when tight security is increasingly (and finally) becoming a fundamental component of any technology, compromising user experience is not an option. LogiNext’s tie up with Okta for secured single sign on option is one more step from our security team to keep raising the bars when it comes to data security along with a great customer experience.


Some of the security measures and processes being taken at LogiNext are:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)
  • AWS SOC Certification
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing
  • Static Application Security Testing
  • ISO compliance

Data Security is critical to public and private companies as users trust their personal information with the companies. There are several types of data security- Authentication, Access Controls, Data Resiliency, Encryption among others. And the CIA Triad are the three main principles:


Confidentiality: Confidentiality means that only the authorized individuals/systems can view sensitive or classified information.


Integrity: The idea here is to make sure that data has not been modified. Corruption of data is a failure to maintain data integrity.


Availability: This means that the network should be readily available to its users. This applies to systems and to data. To ensure availability, the network administrator should maintain hardware, make regular upgrades, have a plan for fail-over, and prevent bottlenecks in a network.


“Data security is one of the bedrocks and foundational pillars that hold the LogiNext Transportation Platform. A dedicated team of engineers and analysts continuously ensure rigorous testing and stay up to date with the latest technology to ensure all data within our systems is safe and secure,” says Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO¬†at LogiNext.


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