LogiNext Mile named a Category Leader for Route Planning Software in North America


We’re thrilled to announce that LogiNext Mile has been named a category leader for the route planning software category by GetApp. GetApp is the recommendation engine for SMBs and enterprises to make the right software choice. Category Leaders rankings highlight top-ranked North American software products based on ratings from end-users in five key areas: ease of use, value for money, functionality, customer support, and likelihood to recommend.


“The last two years have seen a major consumer behaviour shift where same day deliveries are becoming the norm. Consumers now expect the products to arrive in the desired time window instead of going to the products and buying. This trend has led to companies adopt transportation automation platforms and we believe this recognition for the LogiNext Mile platform from GetApp is a great validation for the product,” shares Dhruvil Sanghvi, Chief Executive Officer at LogiNext.


LogiNext Mile product is currently being used by more than 200 enterprise customers including the likes of McDonald’s, BurgerKing, Singapore Post and UPS. Driving operational efficiency and improving customer experience for the end customer, LogiNext Mile is climbing the charts when it comes to the preferred route planning software in North America and across the globe.


Some of the core IP driven technologies of LogiNext Mile are:


Advanced Route Planning


Advanced Route Optimization


LogiNext’s IP in the last-mile delivery segment lies in its delivery route planning and optimization algorithm. QSR chains and eCommerce firms have a huge scope of improvement when it comes to last mile deliveries and implementing logistic management software. Not more than two years ago, most of the chains relied on manual processes to assign orders to delivery partners but with LogiNext’s route optimization technology, a lot of these processes are now digitized and being automated. 




Impact: Significant improvement in resource utilization. For instance, a franchise of a popular QSR chain could deliver 20% more orders in a day because of better delivery associate management.


The LogiNext Live Screen

LogiNext Mile Platform


LogiNext’s Live Screen is a revolutionary technology in the logistics technology industry where an operation manager gainc complete visibility and planning capabilities from a single screen dashboard. From one screen, she gets a chance to see in real-time where the fleet is, observe incoming orders, form route plans for drivers (automatically or manually) and have an eye on the analytics as well. 


Impact: Huge savings in terms of time by bringing in automation for CSCOs. Upto 30% reduction in errors while charting out route plans have been observed. Reducing human error is the biggest impact and an added advantage is that this saved time can be used for non-monotonous tasks. 


Logistics Analytics IQ




A special analytics module to keep a track of every logistical operation of an organization is a key technology which has been built at LogiNext working with several massive organizations like UPS and McDonald’s. This analytics module includes delivery associate management insights, heatmaps about delivery locations to gain insights about behaviour, SLA (service level agreement) insights and more. 


Impact: Helps enterprises keep a detailed eye on operations and brings in cost reduction in the range of 5-20% depending on the industry and level of technology infusion. 



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