LogiNext Helps Enterprises Track Field Workforce’s Location in Real-time


Enterprises seldom leave critical processes to chance.


A leading telecom company from Singapore sent some of their key sales executives to Europe to boost their corporate relations in the continent. This was an important step for them to expand globally. With LogiNext’s latest product offering, Location Tracking SDK, the company could track the executives in real-time from their corporate office back in Singapore. This location tracking proved to be the necessary insurance the company required to confidently invest in their field workforce and make sure their strategies were being executed. The executives returned with converted sales and a great opportunity for the company to enter the European market. LogiNext now gives companies across the world the same opportunity to reap benefits from their field deployed workforce and invest in the future rather than consolidation.


LogiNext extends its market capitalization with its latest breakthrough product, ‘Location Tracking SDK’ from ‘TrackNext’. After dominating the market with its route optimization, resource planning, and delivery tracking solutions in multiple industries like retail, e-commerce, transport, telecom, energy, pharma, and general services, LogiNext unleashes a standalone tracking application combining the insights of more than 200 global enterprise clients across 10 countries and counting.


LogiNext TrackNext’s Location Tracking Software Development Kit (SDK) is easily integratable with multiple Android or iOS applications handled by the client for tracking their resources in real-time. The integration would give the client, the ability to ascertain location, movement, surrounding traffic conditions, estimated time of arrival (ETA), etc. for their resources, giving them necessary insights to seamlessly run their operations.


TrackNext’s Location Tracking SDK is set to function independent of any other LogiNext parent application offering real-time tracking of individuals, vehicles, dispatches, high-value deliveries, and large scale merchandise movement.


Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO of LogiNext, illustrates the intent behind the latest Location Tracking SDK, “Through our interactions with our clients, we found that the tracking was the most basic expectation in their logistics and field workforce management. We decided to build on this basic need as a separate entity and, after months of development, we have revitalized our tracking service into a complete end-to-end real-tracking enabling product”.


The Location Tracking SDK caters to a combined market worth more than $8 trillion globally where a merchandise value of more than $20 trillion moves constantly. Even with our disruptive innovations in technology, less than 55% of this value is actively tracked. LogiNext’s latest product addition is set to serve this market with a value of over $10.5 trillion. With more than a billion geo-coded data points across the world, LogiNext is an enviable position to transform how logistics is tracked.


Dhruvil Sanghvi adds his vision to the Location Tracking SDK, “Tracking is knowledge. The intent behind tracking is simple; to gain insight into current logistics movement; to retrospectively understand the bottlenecks of previous tasks, deliveries, or services; and to implement better processes by interpreting tracking information. Real-time tracking would be the gateway leading to a more connected and interlinked future, and we have a head start along this path with TrackNext”.


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