India’s Top E-commerce company Leverages LogiNext Technology to Reduce their Logistics Cost by 50%

In less than a decade, India has seen a meteoric rise in the E-commerce segment with immense penetration across the four corners. Inducing the smart generation, E-commerce industry has brought the global brands at our fingertips. Influencing everyone with its virtual presence, people can now access a wide range of merchandise, without actually going around.

Being amongst the top 5 players in the E-commerce world, Myntra has proven to be the best when it comes to fashion e-stores. With such popularity, Myntra experienced heavy intra-city and inter-city logistics influx, however managing the supply chain with scalability became more challenging.

Myntra’s Supply Chain Ordeal

Incepted in 2007, India’s most admired and valued power brand once sold personalized items such as T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, pendants, watches, jigsaw puzzles etc. Now, in 2016, Myntra’s product portfolio consists of about 1,50,000 items with over 1000 brands and distribution network encompassing an area of around 9000 pin codes spread across the country. With increasing number of customers, managing ever-growing demand with a large fleet of delivery boys became a greater challenge.


Experiencing a surge in the volume of customer requests to track their shipment, Myntra was finding it difficult to provide periodic real-time alerts related to their purchase. Without real-time order tracking, Myntra gradually started losing customer loyalty. This in-turn resulted in increased cost of customer retention and acquisition, amidst a highly competitive nature of this industry. The order delivery is the most critical phase of the entire E-commerce sales cycle, as it’s the only physical interaction between the customer and the brand. Considering all these factors and understanding the true potential of Big Data analytics, Myntra decided on leveraging the real-time enhanced route optimization and tracking technology by the big data analytics and logistics solution expert -LogiNext.

Tryst With LogiNext:

For enhanced real-time tracking, visibility and alerts, LogiNext with their product Haul empowered Myntra to enrich their brand value within their customer base. With Haul, Myntra was finally able to track their Large inter-city shipments more precisely and share real-time movement alerts with end users. Myntra was overwhelmed by the Geo-Fencing and Geo-Coding accuracy provided by LogiNext. Reporting/Tracking modules customized on Myntra’s discretion made tracking the inter-city shipments seamless and responsive. Integration of Haul by LogiNext made it possible for Myntra to save cost on fuel, travel distance and improve ETA/ETD with dynamic route optimization.

What’s More in the Store:

Being awestruck by LogiNext’s inter-city logistics solutions, Myntra is has recently integrated LogiNext’s award winning Mile to manage their Intra-City last mile deliveries. Accurate location mapping has been a noticeable pain-point for Myntra. Over 10% of the delivery time was consumed in customer’s location searching, which reduced efficiency of delivery model. This is where LogiNext’s Mile came to rescue. Advanced Geo-Coding capabilities of Mile made it possible for Myntra to improve efficiency by accurately identifying, locating and tagging the customer’s address and storing the information for future deliveries. Mile also made it possible to effectively manage the load dissemination on the available delivery boy/resources, performance mapping, incentivising their delivery channels. Myntra has been highly satisfied with LogiNext’s commendable solutions, paving way towards a successful long term association.

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