This is how you make your logistics management truly “live”!


Let’s take a beat. What is ‘Live’? Remember delivery planning and scheduling when all you had were some charts and tables? How could you find any pattern there? Yes, you know how many deliveries are pending or completed, you know how many delivery associates and vehicles you have available, you know the orders coming in and their timelines. Some would say at this point it is pure math. It may be pure math, but its high-level quantum-complexities style math.


It sounds simple as putting driver A in vehicle B to deliver order C. But once these orders are out for delivery that’s when plans take a dynamic turn. Traffic is live, issues are live, incoming pickup requests are live, delays are live, and most important, customer satisfaction is live! It’s not A + B + C = customer satisfaction. The only way to match steps with the dynamic nature of on-time same day deliveries for a fast ballooning order volume and diminishing capacities, rising freight rates, deepening driver shortage, impending trade concerns, and fluctuating fuel prices, is to become far more dynamic, responsive, and agile in the planning and operations at the ground level.


Gone are days of static analysis and planning. Deliveries are made not within charts and tables. They are made live, so should their scheduling and routing. All live.


What you see is what you get. ‘Logistics optimization’ optimized!


Let’s say you are a logistics manager and you need to send out a thousand orders today and you have some vehicles sourced from the market.


  • You want your customers to get their orders when it’s promised, not a minute later,
  • You also want to keep your costs down as now your available capacity is a commodity for yourself. The more smartly you use it, the more you would get out of it.
  • You are looking for a way to up your productivity with shorter turnaround times and high on-time delivery rates.
  • You want to match all incoming demand to outgoing supply, so you are not stuck with over or under capacity.
  • You also want to know that whatever your plans are, on-ground your delivery associates and drivers are following it properly and achieving the desired results.


It’s a lot to take in.


  • And yes, you have less than an hour to do it or you would detain your resources too long and push deliveries into delays.


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Now you can spend analyzing pie charts, graphs, and tables and cracking the code for a ‘profitable’ day in minutes, allocate the right deliveries to the right resources and get them off on the road as soon as possible. Unless you are Russell Crowe from ‘A Beautiful Mind’, there are chances you won’t be able to do all this in time.


You need a system which gives you everything you want to know in a single glance. Everything from available resources, their location, their movement, whether they are idle or busy, available capacities of vehicles and associates, order details, on-road traffic conditions, possible delays and ways to avoid it, best ways to cut distance traveled and time taken per delivery, and more. You need LogiNext Live!


Now, back to ‘What is LogiNext Live?’


LogiNext Live Cover


Live is an innovative and fresh way to plan and handle dynamic and real-world logistics problems. Rather than analyzing numbers and tables, you see a highly interactive map with all the elements which are relevant to you. Every single activity you need to undertake to keep one step ahead of the ever-changing world of logistics management, you can find in a single click. One click!


You know everything one glance, you can do everything in one click.


And then LogiNext’s proprietary planning engine gives you the most-suited delivery schedule and route within moments. It assigns the right order to the right associate along a schedule which not only saves money but also beats competitive on-time delivery standards.


Here are some key things you can do with LogiNext Live!


Instant analysis and Live movement tracking


Instant analysis and Live movement tracking


All info at one place. Check availability and location in an interactive map. Watch them move along their delivery routes. Check traffic prone zones and reroute trips if necessary. Get live delivery updates right from the map.


Want quick shipment allocation? Just Drag and Drop!


Quick shipment allocation


One step assignments. Just drag and drop the order to a waiting delivery associate. It will automatically set in their schedule with accurate ETA updates. Want to resequence the orders in a trip? Yes, you guessed it. Do it right from the live dashboard.


All activities in one place! Do more from a single screen


Easy trip assignment


It’s fast and accurate. Plan your shipments, along with allocating drivers and vehicles while managing capacity, dispatch and track them with instant notifications, handle pickups and rerouting, delivery status updates, and more, all in one place.


Best logistics optimization tools with the simplest interface


LogiNext Live in a snapshot


No more confusion. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Log in, check and know everything about your operations in one glance, click to plan and execute. We make your plans get the best results. With LogiNext’s engines, let your operations run fast and smooth.

Want to find out more? You can just drop in a demo request and we will take it from there.


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