IKEA ties up with LogiNext to give a great furniture delivery experience

The first IKEA company was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943, in Småland, southern Sweden. IKEA is a brand under the Ingka Group which consists of three business areas of which the core business is IKEA Retail. It consists of 392 IKEA stores across 32 markets and over decades, it has become synonymous with great functional and affordable furniture. Over the past couple of years, it has gone a massive digital transformation using tools like LogiNext to deliver a great home delivery experience.


How does going digital change a legacy retail brand? According to Barbara Martin Coppola, CDO at IKEA Retail, it’s a challenge of remaining fundamentally the same company while doing almost everything differently. In this Q&A, Martin Coppola talks about how working in tech for 20 years prepared her for this challenge, why giving customers control over their data is good business, and how to stay focused on the core mission when you’re changing everything else.



Digital Transformation at IKEA


IKEA has tripled ecommerce levels in the three years! They’ve transformed the stores to also act as fulfilment centers. To make that work, the flow of goods needed to change, the supply mechanisms needed to change, and also the floorplans of the store needed to change. Ecommerce is open 24 hours a day, while traditional stores are not, which means they needed to learn how to operate at two speeds, while operating from one space. Goods can be delivered from the stores, or from different distribution centers — and algorithms are helping figure out where the goods are being sourced from.


Solutions like LogiNext is helping IKEA expand data and analytics and changing how they’re embedded in decision making.


The digital transformation is not a goal in and of itself, and it is so much more than technology. “We are transforming our business: We are exploring potential new offers to customers, new ways to bring our offers to customers, and new ways to operate our business. And in order to be successful, digital needs to be embedded in every aspect of IKEA. Digital is a way of working, making decisions, and managing the company,” added Barbara Martin Coppola in her interview with HBR.


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