5 Reasons Why Your Field Service Management System Should be Topped up With Route Optimization Software


It’s all about the sales and the numbers. Companies run after closing top accounts but they often ignore the most important part of the deal, the actual execution of the same service. It’s like availing a great discount in an exclusive festival offer in any major holiday like Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah, or Eid, only to find that the deliveries are delayed due to lack of proper delivery resource utilization by the logistics partners of the retail or e-commerce marketplaces.


The applications of quality delivery route optimization software in this scenario is clear and obvious. Proper delivery route optimization leads to precise and compliant estimated time of arrivals, great process visibility through real-time delivery tracking done by the manager and the customer, efficient service times, and quick turnaround times. All this adds to on-time deliveries, boosting customer satisfaction, branding, and overall business profits.


But how does this logic fit into field service management?


Field Service Management and Route Optimization Software


Here are 5 immediate and lasting benefits of enabling route optimization software with your field service management system.


Precise Estimated Time of Arrivals


Many sales or service tasks are time-bound. Your key performance indicator includes the timeliness of your field workforce. Field service optimization helps you send the right field agent to the right customer or client. But your route optimization software ensures they reach on time. This ETA is based on real-time analysis of traffic and weather patterns along the route to the destination. The software suggests the best route to be taken to reach within the least amount of time. Your field workforce wouldn’t miss any more appointments.


Real-time Field Workforce Tracking


While your field agents move around, make sure their time is well utilized by topping up your field service management with real-time workforce tracking. This adds a layer of agility and responsiveness in your services. The manager can react in quick time in case of any delay or service disruption. The faster reaction time also gives the companies the ability to capture key market insights at the right time.


Accurate Service Time Measurement


Service time is an important function of expectation management while forecasting tasks in the future. Extended service time (sales meeting, maintenance support, service fulfillment, etc.) affects the entire schedule plan for the day. However, quality service time adds brand value and possible revenue for the company. The most optimized path then is to accurately record and manage service time as a part of overall analytics to ensure field agent performance improvement.


Immediate Decision Support


An excellent feature emanating from the real-time field workforce tracking service time measurement is immediate decision support. The on-field agent represents the company for the customer. Training and suggestions go only as far in actual on-the-job customer success. With immediate decision support, the manager can assist the field workforce right from the headquarters. If they require immediate approval for a sales quote or they need to check the availability of a replacement part for the company’s products in a service call, the manager can verify and direct the field agents accordingly.


Increased Tasks per Day with Faster Turnaround Times


Route optimization software support for field service management can increase the overall efficiency of the field workforce.


With route optimization and traffic-weather analysis, the field agents manage to reach appointments on time.

With real-time decision support and service time analytics, the sales or service appointments are fulfilled on-time while safeguarding customer satisfaction.

With route optimization, accurate ETAs, leaner service times, and streamlined field service management, the total tasks performed by the field agent increases with a quicker turnaround time.


Moreover, with real-time workforce tracking, the manager can avail on customer feedback as they develop. This gives the companies a head start to process and implement these insights.


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