Mission of the Century: LogiNext Mile to enable the Covid Vaccine Supply Chain


The pandemic has been an event of unforeseen proportions. It has changed every facet
 of life. The way humans live, the way humans transact, the very notion of a normal way  of living has been altered. In such a situation, the covid vaccine brings in a ray of hope  but another challenge stands in front of us- the covid 19 vaccine supply chain.  


Do we have the supply chain technology to power an efficient vaccine distribution  system?


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Healthcare Supply Chain management professionals across the world have been  looking at this issue to come up with a solution that works across geographies. Taking to  LinkedIn, Dhruvil Sanghvi, Chief Executive Office of LogiNext announced, “We have  been working hard for a while now on this vaccine tracking solution including some key  features for the cold chain. Very proud to launch the first solution to manage a complex  supply chain around covid vaccine from manufacturing facilities all the way till the last  mile.”  


Vaccine Management and Tracking Platform  


vaccine management and tracking

LogiNext Mile is a complete all-mile transportation automation platform which can be  used for tech-enabled management of vaccine distribution. The SaaS platform can be 


deployed for complete visibility and tracking of the vaccine distribution right from the  point of origin at the manufacturing units to the last mile.  



Vaccine inventory management


Vaccine Distribution Visibility


There are several pieces in the entire vaccine distribution system and LogiNext’s  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven technology platform gives capabilities  like vaccine order scheduling, demand forecasting and the inventory management  platform which orchestrates the entire solution.  


Enhanced customer support


enhanced customer support


Vaccine distribution at this scale is an entirely new ball game and organizations will  have to work together as a team to make this possible. LogiNext is recommended by  Gartner in its supply chain Hype Cycle and is rated highly on customer support with  24*7 availability to help clients in times of need.  


Technology in healthcare, Technology for good  


Digitisation and technology in healthcare has improved over the past decade but supply  chain for healthcare is an area which hasn’t been in the focus. The covid 19 pandemic  has forced us to look in this direction. Our experience in the logistics and supply chain  area gives LogiNext Mile a headway to come up with a tried and tested solution.  


LogiNext’s logistics automation platform for all miles is used in several industries like  Healthcare, Courier Express & Parcel, Transportation, Retail and e-Commerce with  100+ Fortune 1000 enterprises as clients. LogiNext’s Mile platform has a near 100%  rating on Capterra and has been recognised by several awards in the logistics  automation industry over the decade.  


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