Analyzing Argentina’s World Cup Win In Terms of Logistics and Supply Chain

Analyzing Argentina’s World Cup Win In Terms of Logistics and Supply Chain! 

The FIFA 2022 world cup has been one of the ages. The final showdown was touted to be Messi vs Mbappe, and both delivered!  However, it was Messi’s team that took home the grandest prize in football. The wait for every Argentina fan was complete! After a wait of 36 years, it’s coming back home to Argentina. A country that produced the likes of Maradona, it was time for the little magician to lift the world cup. Lionel Messi has won it all, whether it be for club or country, cementing his legacy as the greatest of all time!


Here’s how LogiNext can be compared with Argentina’s playing XI to get the best customer satisfaction!


  1. Messi- The Advanced Route Planner and Optimizer

Whenever you needed goals or wanted to create an opportunity for your teammate, Messi handled the responsibility seamlessly. With 7 goals and 3 assists, he always found a way to help him teach achieve success. Our trending social post below clearly showcases how Messi was able to create the magic. An advanced route planner and optimizer helps the delivery management team ensure faster and more efficient on-time deliveries. With real-time tracking, it avoids traffic and ensures delivery associate reaches their destination on time. Result? Customers are happy and satisfied with the delivery.



     2. Fernandez- Crate Optimization

Crate optimization is the latest release that our ever-reliant product team has come up with. Crate optimization as the name suggests, helps clients fill their delivery vehicle in the most optimized way. This young and dynamic feature can be related to E. Fernandez- who was calm and composed in the midfield throughout the tournament. His energy allowed Argentina to find gaps to pass the ball toward their forwards to ensure they get the desired result (goal). His 118 touches and 77 successful passes along with 10 tackles against France was the highest amongst both teams. 


    3. Martinez- Carrier Integration

Martinez was the show-stopper for Argentina and their hero in the finals as well. Most companies dread peak hours of service as the number of delivery associates to get the items delivered cannot be predicted. Similar to a penalty shoot-out where the main focus is on the goalkeeper to make saves. With a carrier integration marketplace, LogiNext helps customers meet their peak order demands on a daily basis or during festive sales.

   4. Midfield & Defence- Different Types of Integrations

For any team to play like a well-oiled machine, the mid-field holds the key. Here, is the midfield with the likes of De Paul. E. Fernandez and Mac Allister played crucial roles not only in getting the ball cleared from danger but also assist the forwards to get the desired result. Integrations such as CRM, OMS, TMS, ERP, WMS, Payments, Maps, and more, give the system additional data handling capacity for enhancing logistics and supply chain operations.


   5. Mbappe- The Competition

The world cup final would not have been one of the best in recent years without the magic of Mbappe. He scored a hat trick to help his team get back into the game every time they were down and out. With 8 goals in this world cup campaign, he is the youngest scorer aged 23 or less. On any other day, a hat trick would have been good enough to win a final, but then football is a team game in the end. This is where Argentina’s not being overly dependent on Messi led to their successful campaign. 


While the competition usually looks to sell a single feature to win over the customer, Loginext like Argentina has multiple features ready to offer a seamless delivery management service for logistics and supply chain. To ensure you get the winning formula to help meet needs for logistics and supply chain, you can rely on LogiNext. Connect with our expert by clicking the red button below.


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