Cold Chain Logistics Optimization

Cold Chain Logistics Optimization

Sustain top-quality of your products and shipments through short well-planned routes and live movement and temperature tracking.

Cold Chain Logistics Optimization

Live Tracking and Notifications

Real-time temperature tracking

Track real-time shipment temperature from the first loading to final unloading.

Get instant alerts & notifications

Get notified immediately about all low & high-priority on-ground events.

Dynamic ETA calculation

Calculate ETAs of all moving vehicles to know exactly when deliveries will happen.

Shipment quality tracking

Know the shipment quality by tracking in-transit conditions as per preset requirements.

Instant delivery validation

Authenticate safe and proper delivery of all items at the destination hubs or stores.

Voice controlled logistics

Track and control your cold-chain movement just by talking to the system.

Analyze live driver behavior

Track exactly how your driver moves about with the shipment. Whether they are speeding, maintaining shipment’s temperature, deviating from planned routes, etc.

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Analyze live driver behavior
Delivery shipment planning and scheduling

Delivery shipment planning and scheduling

Plan your entire cold chain movement from hub to distribution center or store, moving more load along risk-free routes avoiding traffic.

Skill-set mapping for driver and vehicle

Assign the right shipment to the right temperature-controlled vehicle with the delivery associate or driver best-suited to handle the requirements of loading and unloading of the shipment.

Shorter routes and delivery times

Ensure that all your ETAs are met while moving through the shortest possible route, cutting down on travel time by avoiding traffic-prone areas, and reducing the overall lead time required to fulfill the delivery.

Creating an agile and responsive system

Ensure high SLA compliance get instant alerts whenever there is a delay or when the cold-chain movement is interrupted.

All cold chain logistics in one dashboard

Track and manage all temperature-controlled logistics movement from an intuitive map interface in a single dashboard. Check the live delivery status and shipment condition by just clicking on the delivery vehicle.

Reacting to scenarios much faster

Ensure quality control over all moving shipments by gaining the ability to react on situations faster. Get alerted instantly when the vehicle malfunctions or shipment is detained and take fast corrective actions.

Creating an agile and responsive system