Fleet information in Route Planning Software

Route Planning Software for Seamless Optimization

Plan faster and shorter routes for customer’s preferred time windows. With LogiNext's route planning software, optimize smartly considering driver’s work hours and geographic preferences, vehicle’s capacity constraints and local traffic.

Shorter Routes

Identify the shortest route for each delivery for lesser turnaround times.

Avoid Traffic

Adjust for live-traffic conditions even along remote routes or locations.

Accurate Addresses

Cut down time spent searching for wrong addresses by fixing them early.

Dynamic Rerouting

Reroute trips whenever required to compensate for delays or new orders.

Managing Customer Expectations

Fulfill customer expectations and ensure that all delivery timelines are met along with clear communication. Focus on the movement of the shipment towards the destination.

Live Tracking

Track each delivery associate as they move along the planned route.

Dynamic ETA Calculation

Update ETAs dynamically after each completed delivery in the route.

On-time Deliveries

Adjust routes for preferred time deliveries and local traffic to deliver on-time.

Overview of Route Planning Software

Customized for your business model

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in your industry. That’s why LogiNext offers multiple benefits of route optimization in a pre-configured manner.

First Mile and Last Mile Delivery

On-Demand, Same Day/Next Day Delivery

White Glove and Large Goods Delivery

Retail and CPG Distribution

B2C and Home Deliveries

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Map view using Route Planning Software

Highly interactive, yet very simple maps

Plan and view perfect routes with multiple stop points within a map, in seconds with no absolutely no lag. Simple to understand and easy to integrate with any localized mapping service with high accuracy.

Visual territory mapping

Visualize all your territories in an attractive clustered view. Use the best route optimization software to clearly define geocoded or geofenced areas shown directly or in a heat map.

Multilingual support, anywhere

Prioritize ease and comfort for your delivery associates and managers. Offer the freedom to operate the system in a familiar language for better understanding.

Cost calculation using Route Planning Software

Save costs with keeping customer-centric plans

Lower costs to boost margins with high resource and capacity utilization using the route planning software. Also increase profits with on-time deliveries and high customer satisfaction.

Make deliveries when customers want

Deliver shipments and orders within the timeframe chosen by the customer. Easily plan preferred time slots for multiple deliveries within a single route with no delays.

Update and communicate ETAs seamlessly

Deliver shipments/orders on-time or recalculate ETAs in case of delay and instantly alert the customer. Reduce instances of missed attempts with such clear communication using dispatch routing software.

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Mobile App for Route Planning Software

Perfect In-hand Routing and Optimization App

Drivers can easily follow planned routes and schedules from within their apps using an interactive map interface. Power it with an intuitive design for two-way communication with managers.