Delivery Schedule Planning

Delivery Schedule Planning

Manage all delivery movement with intelligent schedule planning and effective order allocation.

Make Effective Delivery Schedules

Make Effective Delivery Schedules

Create schedules for all your drivers and vehicles that increase their efficiency by using smart technology to optimally utilize their capacity and time while increasing total deliveries fulfilled.

Territory Mapping

Track all incoming and outgoing deliveries from different territories.

Improve Resources

Identify skill sets, localized knowledge, capacities, etc. of drivers.

Capacity Optimization

Balance all deliveries across resources to optimize carrying capacities.

Fast Scan-in and Scan-out

Easily scan-in and scan-out packages or SKUs using our mobile app.

Preferred Time-Slots

Plan schedules to optimally fulfill all critical and preferred time-slot deliveries.

Auto-Allocation and Dispatch

Automatically assign deliveries to drivers best-suited to fulfill them.

Drive More Productivity from Territories

Drive More Productivity from Territories

Map different territories based on the incoming demand or orders to understand how many resources would be required to fulfill all of them on-time.


Create virtual demarcations called geofences across key areas and locations which can be directly associated with drivers having deep local knowledge of that area and well-versed with local addresses.

Delivery Load Balancing

Identify territories with excess or less number of deliveries than previously planned and utilize the drivers in surrounding areas to balance the load evenly across all territories.

Save Time with Auto-Delivery Allocation

Save Time with Auto-Delivery Allocation

Automatically assign deliveries within moments to the right drivers with relevant local knowledge, idle capacity, and clear timelines to handle it.

Easy Scan-in and Scan-out

Driver can easily and quickly scan-in all items to be delivered using their app for fast loading, and then scan-out all required items while delivering them for error-free invoicing and process transparency.

Automated Dispatch

Plan effective schedules, assign them to the right driver, and quickly scan-in while loading items for faster dispatch. Automatically start tracking of drivers as they move out of the depot or hub.