Order updates using delivery tracking software

Simplify Live Tracking with Delivery Tracking Software

See all your drivers and vehicles in real-time on one screen for quicker responses with Delivery Tracking Software.

Tracking Deliveries from Allocation to Fulfillment

Track your drivers from order assignment to delivery for better control and visibility over resources on the ground. With LogiNext’s delivery management software, know how and where your drivers move at any given time.

Fast Sorting and Loading

Quickly scan-in each unit using a unique id for easy loading and tracking.

Accurate ETA Calculation

Predict precise estimated time of arrivals for all deliveries and stick to them.

Easy Check-in & Check-out

Check-in for a delivery and capture accurate service time with an easy check-out.

Traffic view using the Delivery Management Software

Are Your Shipments Stuck?

Ensure that your deliveries arrive on time by tracking them and promptly addressing any delays during transit.

Avoid Delays

Through efficient planning, identify the quickest delivery route and track drivers in real-time to ensure they follow the plan. Track their movement in real-time using a comprehensive dashboard of the delivery tracking software.

Live Traffic Updates

Determine the status of all traffic movement with clear updates to show if any driver will experience delays.Managers can better direct or reroute the drivers as required with real-time tracking.

Ground-level Visibility

Seamless Dispatch

Automatically start trips as drivers move out of hubs for accurate tracking.

Dynamic Rerouting

Reroute trips when delays push up the sequence of a priority delivery.

Dynamically Updated ETAs

Recalculate ETAs after each delivery to make sure all upcoming ETAs are accurate.

On-time Deliveries

Direct drivers through traffic-light routes to ensure on-time deliveries for enhanced customer experience.

Delivery Status Updates

Stay informed with regular updates about the status of a delivery, whether it is completed, pending, or has failed.

Instant Delivery Validation

Validate all deliveries in real-time through a secure in-app validation mechanism.

Order updates using delivery tracking software

Instant Notifications and Alerts

Receive instant notifications and alerts on the web dashboard or the mobile app about tracking information like delays or disruptions in the movement of drivers.

Immediate Customers Notifications

Delay or not, the customers receive notifications or alerts to tell them exactly when their delivery will arrive. Looping in the customers with such information helps manage their expectations and increase their satisfaction using delivery management software.

Chatting with On-Ground Drivers

Managers can communicate with their on-ground drivers through in-system chatting mechanisms. Drivers can also send messages to other drivers. This helps capture live insights from the field.