Create Intelligent Order Schedules

Plan the schedule of your pickups and deliveries to perfection while saving on resource time and travel distance.

Get Ahead with Order Planning

Get Ahead with Order Planning

Take on a higher volume of orders to grow your business. Serve all pickups and deliveries, on-time, with clear order planning and sequencing using lesser drivers and vehicles than before.

Faster Deliveries

Make fast deliveries to all customers with machine learning enabled order sequencing and scheduling.

Lesser Travel Distance

Plan shorter routes factoring in local traffic conditions covering all incoming and outgoing orders.

Higher Orders per Trip

Satisfactorily complete on-time deliveries for more orders in each trip with high-end schedule planning.

Territory Based Scheduling and Allocation

Territory Based Scheduling and Allocation

Define territories based on the volume of orders coming in, optimal turnaround time for trips (back to origin), order load balancing across drivers, etc.

Know the Exact Addresses of Delivery Locations

Use machine learning to fix incomplete or erroneous addresses so that drivers don’t waste time searching for them. With accurate addresses the average delivery time significantly reduces.

Know Your Deliverable Areas Better

Create virtual demarcations in interactive and intuitive maps to understand the local area dynamics such as traffic, incoming order density, average delivery time, etc. and assign the right driver to that area.

Shorter Routes with More Orders

Shorter Routes with More Orders

Make more on-time pickups and deliveries per trip by scheduling them to perfection along short and fast routes.

Increase Driver Movement Efficiency

Increase the overall efficiency of all drivers by directing them to more successful deliveries in a single trip within areas where they know the routes and addresses better.

Reduce Order Movement Costs

Increase total orders processed while traveling lesser distance and quicker turnaround time, increasing the utilization of your drivers and vehicles, bringing down the overall cost of order movement.