Delivery validation through digital proof of delivery

Digital Proof of Delivery for Secured Validation

Validate all your deliveries at the time of handover securely and directly creating the perfect delivery experience.

Step-by-Step Delivery Validation

Drivers follow a simple step-by-step process to validate all deliveries in front of the customer or receiver. This helps in reducing all human errors or discrepancies and enables successful deliveries.

Easy Scanning of Unit Items

Scan items using the app for easy unloading and processing.

Simple Delivery Processing

Intuitive app design helps drivers process deliveries better and faster.

Instant Delivery Status Capture

Drivers can record all current delivery statuses giving proper reasons with types of proof.

Customer feedback while capturing digital proof of delivery

Authentic Proofs of Deliveries

Allow drivers to capture the proofs of all the deliveries. LogiNext's in-app camera extension and customer’s sign for validation help you do so for better reliability.

Capture Customer Mood and Feedback

Drivers can capture the feedback of the customers or clients at the point of delivery exchange. Grab the opportunity to get an accurate assessment of satisfaction ratings and find opportunities to enhance the processes.

Instantly Sync all Delivery Information

Accurately capture and sync every customer interaction information with your central system. This relevant data is always safe and easy to sync in offline mode.

Delivery status confirmation using digital proof of delivery

Complete Payment Solutions

Deliver enhanced customer experience for every order by following a simple and secure collect-on-delivery mechanism.

Offer Multiple Payment Options and Electronic Signatures

Offer the customer multiple payment options such as prepaid, cash, card, or digital payments. Boost customer satisfaction and retention with the power of payment choices. Develop a sense of trust using electronic proof of delivery.

Ensure Error-free Invoicing

A seamless invoicing process ensures secure and error-free payments avoiding all discrepancies. It also enables partial deliveries where selective parts of the total items are accepted and paid for.