Capacity Utilization and Load Balancing

Capacity Utilization and Load Balancing

Utilize your vehicle capacity to better balance your load moving in and out of hubs.

Plan your fleet capacity to perfection

Know exactly how many owned or third-party fleet capacity would be needed to fulfill incoming orders. Utilize all available fleet capacity to the fullest to bring down overheads with expert consolidation.

Easily sort all types of loads

Sort general, fragile, hazmat, etc. load as per their requirements, in quick time.

Match load to type of truck

Sort and load shipments to the right type of truck, whether reefer, box truck, etc.

Easily sync OMS and WMS

Seamlessly integrate with OMS, WMS, or any legacy system for fast shipment processing.

Hub-in hub-out reports

Know, in real-time, exactly when a truck enters or leaves any hub, with instant alerts.

Reduce hub-level detention

Fast scanning and unloading with clear incoming shipment alerts, reduce hub detention.

Reduce turnaround time

High capacity utilization with an optimized delivery schedule reduces turnaround time.

High capacity utilization at lower cost

High capacity utilization at lower cost

Bring down loading, dispatch, and movement costs by utilizing more of your capacity and cutting down the turnaround time for your trucks.

Volume and weight-based capacity optimization

Plan your capacity with not just weight-based analysis, but also volume-based analysis. Utilize the space within trucks to their maximum occupancy, while avoiding over-capacity or under-capacity movement.

Deliver more with your available fleet capacity

With higher capacity utilization, cut down on total transit time using lesser trucks and delivering to more hubs. Effective route management will further reduce instances of deadheading while backhauling.

Easy loading with fast sorting and scanning

Easy loading with fast sorting and scanning

In-scanning of items at the sorting stage speeds up the loading process, instantly syncing all shipment details with the delivery schedule.

Match shipments to trucks in moments

Each shipment or load has clear requirements in terms of the type of vehicle and capacity to be utilized. Easily match such load to the right truck and start-off the loading process without any detention.

Lower detention time at origin and in-transit hub

Automated allocation and dispatch of load, with streamlined picking and sorting, cuts down detention time. Ensure efficiency by following an optimized delivery schedule along with last-in-first-out or similar loading techniques.