Live Fleet Tracking with Instant Alerts

Know exactly where your vehicle is at any time with live fleet tracking from a single dashboard and instant alerts for all important instances.

Easily Plan Shipment Schedules and Routes
High capacity utilization at lower cost

High capacity utilization at lower cost

Bring down loading, dispatch, and movement costs by utilizing more of your capacity and cutting down the turnaround time for your trucks.

Track Shipments with Accuracy

Many shipments require special handling. Track the location as well whether the temperature (for reefer trailers) are properly maintained. Track the speed of the vehicle to ensure safety (especially for hazmat trucks).

Reach Hubs On-time

Ensure your shipments reach their hubs (in-transit or destination) on time. Track live traffic across routes to avoid unplanned detention. Track the time spent unloading and loading at all in-transit hubs to minimize potential delays.

End-to-End Fleet Movement Visibility

End-to-End Fleet Movement Visibility

With shipment worth millions moving through multiple cities, across state lines, it can be hard to keep track of each vehicle at the same time. That's why you need the 'Control Tower'.

View all Logistics Movement

Single dashboard for complete location, movement, and delivery status of entire fleet.

Control Shipments with Your Voice

Just ask the system to find out the status of any shipment, vehicle, or driver.

Get Instant Alerts of All On-Ground Instances

Get Instant Alerts of All On-Ground Instances

Know whenever any shipment is stuck in-transit or if the driver takes an alternative route (and much more) with instant alerts.

Cut Down Reaction Time

Reduce reaction time for any instance such as delays and detention with instant alerts where you are (in-app or in the web dashboard) and take appropriate action accordingly, within moments.

Dynamic ETA updates

System recalculates ETAs after each hub visit to sustain the accuracy of all shipment timelines. All stakeholders (manager and hub owners to be visited) are immediately notified about the updated ETAs.