Easily Plan Shipment Schedules and Routes

Easily Plan Shipment Schedules and Routes

Increase the efficiency of your logistics movement while reducing overall costs. Use better and safer routes to reach all hubs and destinations.

Easily Plan Shipment Schedules and Routes

Use Drivers and Vehicles Better

Plan Optimized Schedules

Plan shipment schedules with high delivery efficiency and lower movement costs.

Auto-Allocate to Vehicles

Allocate shipment automatically as per preferred vehicle type and driver skill-set.

Optimize Fleet Capacity

Utilize all available fleet capacity properly to further reduce logistics movement costs.

Load and Dispatch Faster

Scan-in the load, recording it directly into the system, and dispatch shipments faster.

Use Faster and Safer Routes

Take the best route according to the planned schedule, avoiding traffic and delays.

Reduce Turnaround Time

Move on faster routes, cover more in-transit hubs, reduce overall detention, and save time.

Plan Efficient Shipment Schedules

Plan Efficient Shipment Schedules

Optimize the overall capacity of available vehicles to fulfill all the shipments, allocating and dispatching the right vehicle with the right load on the right route.

Match Shipment with Driver Skill-Sets

Assign the shipment to the driver best-suited to handle it. It can be hazmat or white glove deliveries. The system automatically assigns the right driver to handle the delivery satisfactorily.

Auto-Allocate Load as per Available Capacity

Utilize your resources properly, allocating as per available volume and weight capacity of each vehicle. Increase the load carried per vehicle, reducing the cost of movement and increasing the overall logistics movement efficiency.

Better and Safer Routes for Shipments

Better and Safer Routes for Shipments

Guide all shipments through better, shorter, and safer routes to cut down on time spent on-road while increasing on-time deliveries.

Move Through Traffic-Light Routes

Take routes with minimum traffic delays or other detentions. Reduce unplanned downtime by picking the route with minimum bottlenecks. Ensure smooth movement for all vehicles from source to destination hub.

Reduce Travel and Turnaround Time

Quick transport doesn't have to be fast driving, it can also be clear and fast routes. Reduce total turnaround time for vehicles by using shorter routes connecting all required in-transit hubs.