Safer Deliveries with Driver Tracking Software

Track driver behavior in real time covering speed limit, deviation from planned routes, or detention.

Fleet status with driver tracking software

Analyze Driver Behavior Patterns

Understand how each driver performs on an active trip by tracking each activity and its impact on the final delivery. Identify bottlenecks or compliance breaches and fix them beforehand while ensuring driver safety.

Speed Visualization

Know the speed of the vehicle at all points in a trip with a color-coded and interactive map interface using real time GPS.

Detention Alerts

Increase logistics movement responsiveness and agility with instant alerts whenever the driver is detained.

Shipment Safety

Track the temperature reading of the merchandise along with the vehicle speed to sustain safety and quality with driver tracking software.

Driver details using driver tracking software

Driver Performance Management

Identify the top performing drivers while assessing their skill-sets in relation to the type of vehicle, reefer, combination or semi-truck, flatbed, etc.

Hours of Service Tracking

Track driver behavior patterns such as hours of service and breaks to comply with different laws. Ensure shipment safety by planning for all breaks and pitstops within the original route.

In-transit Risk Assessment

Understand the current risk factors of each route to avoid tiredness, accidents, pilferage, and other such incidents. Align the performance history of the driver with the live tracking to focus on their driving habits.

Delivery details in driver tracking software

SLA Compliant Movement

Track all drivers in real time to ensure compliance with all service level agreements. Offer clear and instant notifications in case of any SLA breach giving ample reaction time.

Track SLAs

Ensure Compliance

Respond to Breach

Improve Processes

Effective Material Handling

Make sure drivers are skilled or trained in loading, unloading, and transporting of Hazmat or sensitive shipments from dispatch to final delivery.

Track Route Deviations

Direct drivers through planned routes optimized for traffic and local weather and receive instant notifications in case of any deviation.

Direct Driver Behavior to Suit Your Needs

ELD Alignment

Align your operations with electronic logging devices and become compliant.

Performance Mapping

Compare the historical performances of different drivers from a single dashboard.

Skillset Matching

Match skillsets of each driver with specific vehicles, routes, and shipment types.

Risk Measurement

Plan for contingencies by assessing the risk of each route using historical analytics.

Point-of-Interest Mapping

View all relevant points-of-interests along the route including emergency services.

Safe Journeys

Ensure safe, event-free, compliant, and well-timed journeys for all your shipments.