The best logistics software for FTL and LTL capacity optimization

Capacity Optimization for LTL and FTL

Use your resource capacity to the fullest with pitch-perfect load balancing, advanced shipment planning, and low turnaround times.

Capacity Optimization for LTL and FTL
Strike the right load-balance for your trucks

Strike the right load-balance for your trucks

Get your trucks on the road, each with the perfect load for their route and type. Ensure all your trips serve the most touchpoints fully utilizing the available capacity.

Optimize capacity by weight and volume

Plan for more than just the weight of the load. Consider the exact volume of your load going into your less than load or full truckload truck. Use the entire space smartly while loading to get more value from current resources.

Allocate right shipment to right driver and truck

Increase the productivity of your resources by smart shipment assignments. Each driver would take the most-suited vehicle type and carry the load they are best-trained for, along the route that they are most acquainted with.

Make winning shipment schedules

Plan the schedule of all your shipments with the utmost precision. Cut down instances of idle and overcapacity, even deadheading. Reach all destinations on-time.

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Make winning shipment schedules

Cutdown on overall turnaround times

Get more done in lesser time with well-planned schedules and routes, factoring in preferred time-windows of destination hubs.

Follow routes with the least distance and time

Plan perfect routes with the option of dynamically rerouting them in cases where random traffic snarls or unplanned detention come up on the way. Be one step ahead of such contingencies and swiftly update all ETAs while traveling.

Track all moving trucks live in a single dashboard

Track all fleet movement in real-time. Know exactly where each truck is and how it's moving. Is it meeting all its SLAs, is in traveling on the right route, are there any delays? Get real-time alerts for each on-ground event.

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