Complete Omnichannel Delivery Experience

Complete Omnichannel Delivery Experience

Take the best of both retail and e-commerce and give your end-customers the complete omnichannel delivery experience.

First Mile Pickup and Optimization

Know your customer better

Give each customer the delivery experience they desire. Match the delivery timelines and style to each customers requirements. Create a lasting impression while delivering orders to boost overall satisfaction.

Address Level Specifications

Customize the delivery style, like special directives, to each customer address.

Preferred Time Delivery

Capture delivery time-windows for each address, whether its delivery at home or work.

Retain More Customers

Give special treatment to each customer and ensure they keep coming back.

Plan perfect delivery schedules and routes

Plan perfect delivery schedules and routes

Main factor for success in the omnichannel marketplace is having the perfect delivery scheduling and routing technology at your disposal.

Promise on-time delivery and then do it

Fulfill all on-time delivery promises by ensuring that your delivery associates move along the shortest routes without traffic, reaching more customers per trips with perfectly planned schedules.

Give complete delivery movement visibility

Track all on-ground delivery movement and tell the customer exactly where their order has reached in a real-time map interface. Giving assurance that their order would reach them soon boost satisfaction.

Same / Next day delivery

Customers now expect same or next day delivery much more often. Retail and e-commerce companies must upgrade their last mile delivery movement to ensure much shorter lead times and fast pickup and delivery turnarounds.

Automated pickup

Instantly assign the right delivery associate the right pickup to cut down turnaround time.

Fast sorting & dispatch

Continuously scan items at warehouse to quickly sort, pick, & dispatch orders

Delivery schedule planning

Plan schedules and routes which cover more successful order deliveries in each trip.

Ensure smooth last mile delivery movement

Ensure smooth last mile delivery movement

Optimize the entire last mile delivery process to give more and more end-customers faster deliveries consistently, even through peak-sales seasons or random sale spikes.

Optimize delivery associate and vehicle capacity

Make the most out of the available delivery associates time and vehicle capacity by planning schedules factoring ideal load balancing across shipments. Cut down on idle or over capacity instances.

Gain more control over your last mile deliveries

Fill in your last mile movement with agility and responsiveness. Track all orders in a single dashboard with instant notifications to the manager and customers when a delivery is near its destination or there is a delay.