Multi Stop Route Planner for Automated Deliveries

Use LogiNext's multi stop route planner to automate the allocation and dispatch of all deliveries within a single interface.

Know Exactly How Your Deliveries Move On-Ground

Track the live movement of all in-transit orders to increase on-ground visibility using a multi stop route planner. Know the exact location of any driver along with accurate ETAs for all deliveries.

Communicate with Drivers

Chat with all drivers in real-time to better direct them to multiple destinations.

Avoid In-transit Delays

Track order movement to immediately react to any service interruption or disruption.

Live Traffic Analysis

Track live traffic patterns to avoid them and increase on-time deliveries for multiple locations.

ETAs with Multi stop route planner

Plan Delivery Schedules and Routes

Ensure on-time deliveries for all orders by creating schedules using a multi stop route planner. Also, plan traffic-free optimal routes for easy and fast movement for multiple addresses.

Efficient Delivery Scheduling

Plan delivery schedules which cover all incoming and outgoing orders, as and when they come in. Ensure high customer satisfaction when all your pickups and deliveries happen on the time you had promised.

Dynamic Route Planning

Avoid delays and traffic by planning routes which cover all planned and ad-hoc orders while traveling shorter distances. Increase delivery movement efficiency with lower overheads using this pickup and delivery software.

Optimize On-Demand Delivery Movement
Order-Driver Mapping

Match the incoming orders to the driver best-suited to fulfill them.

Fast Pickups

Ensure fast pickups with a short response time moving through traffic-free routes.

Allocation to Nearest Driver

Allocate ad-hoc pickup requests to nearest driver with the required capacity & time.

Delivery Rerouting

Reroute active delivery schedules for new pickups or ad-hoc orders.

Dynamic ETA Updates

Update ETAs for all planned deliveries on active trips for newly added pickups.

Pickups and Delivery Validation

Validate all pickups & deliveries, and capture client feedback at the time of exchange.

Live order status using multi stop route planner

Live Tracking and Notifications

Use multi stop route planner to track all pickups and deliveries. Make the most of instant notifications considering the moment of allocation to the point they are exchanged.

Complete Movement Visibility

Track each driver as they move on-field for pickups and deliveries, in a single dashboard. Ensure visibility of all order movement on faster routes, with quick reaction times in case of delays or disruptions.

Instant Notifications

Receive instant notifications for planned events like on-time delivery, or an unplanned one like a delay or new pickup request happens. Get notifications on-the-go to take timely decisions with LogiNext's multi stop route planner.