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Live Tracking of On-Demand Delivery Movement

Track all pickups and deliveries as they happen, from allocation and dispatch to on-time handover and validation.

Live Tracking of On-Demand Delivery Movement

Know Exactly How Your Deliveries Move On-Ground

Increase on-ground visibility by tracking the live movement of all in-transit orders from origin to the point where they reach their destination. Know the exact location of any driver along with accurate ETAs for all deliveries.

Communicate with Drivers

Chat with all drivers in real-time to better direct them to their destinations.

Avoid In-transit Delays

Track order movement to immediately react to any service interruption or disruption.

Live Traffic Analysis

Track live traffic patterns to avoid them and increase on-time deliveries.

Track Delivery Movement in Real-time

Track Delivery Movement in Real-time

On-demand deliveries require fast allocation and dispatch with live tracking to help companies manage on-field activities properly.

Stick to Your Planned Schedules

Ensure that your drivers follow the planned delivery schedules and routes.

Increase On-time Deliveries

Track live delivery movement to ensure that orders are delivered on time.

React Quickly to Delays

Take corrective measures immediately whenever any delivery is delayed.

Instant Notifications from all Delivery Movement

Instant Notifications from all Delivery Movement

Get notified about each activity of interest; whether a new pickup request comes in, a delivery is delayed, customer changes the delivery address or time preferences, etc.

Talk to On-Ground Drivers

Chat with your drivers as they move along their scheduled deliveries.

Broadcast Messages Giving Directions

Send out directions or information to one or all delivery associates, anytime.

Keep Control with Dynamic Planning

Use the notifications coming in live to adjust and better active delivery routes.