On-Demand Pickup and Delivery

On-Demand Pickup and Delivery

Automatically assign pickups to nearest delivery person, optimize routes, and ensure on-time handovers.

Auto-Allocation of Pickup Requests

Capture each pickup request, identify the nearest delivery person from the pickup origin point, assess their capacity and timelines, automatically assign the pickup request to the best-suited delivery person.

Movement Tracking

Live tracking of all on-ground associates for perfect pickup-delivery person match.

Accurate Addressing

Validate all customer addresses to avoid delays while searching for any location.

Easy Allocation

Assign orders to the resource best suited to deliver them efficiently and on-time.

Orders Sequencing

Optimize order sequencing for timely deliveries along with random pickup requests.

Live Tracking

Track all delivery movement in real-time with instant notifications and updates.

Dynamic ETAs

Calculate accurate estimated time of arrivals for deliveries with live-traffic analytics.

Dynamic Rerouting

Reroute on-ground delivery associates without delaying current pickups or deliveries.

Delivery Validation

Electronically validate all delivery handovers with instant central-system syncing.

Dynamic ETA Calculation

Dynamic ETA Calculation

Precise ETAs are calculated and communicated with customers and other stakeholders considering multiple factors such as live-traffic statuses and priority timeslots

Live-Traffic Consideration

Analyze live traffic patterns in all territories to identify fastest routes for current deliverables, reroute as and when required, and to assess the most accurate ETA for each pickup and delivery.

Instant Notifications

Notify all stakeholders including customers, coordinators, supervisors, and managers about the ETAs of incoming pickups or deliveries so that they don't have to wonder about any such arrival.

Complete Process Visibility

Complete Process Visibility

Ensure complete process visibility from allocation to fulfillment with live tracking of delivery associates and complete information about every incoming request.

Tracking and Updates

Visualize all delivery associate movement in an interactive map interface with live updates about any delay or disruption, ensuring responsiveness and agility in operations leading to proper customer support.

Voice-Enabled Routing

Managers and delivery associates alike can interact with their system using just their voice to know all subsequent orders, follow the optimized routes, communicate with the end-customers, etc.