Schedule Optimization for Sales Representatives

Schedule Optimization for Sales Representatives

Plan better delivery routes which reduce overall turnaround time for resources and ensure on-time deliveries.

Field Sales Performance Booster

Plan optimal schedules for all field sales agents by increasing total service time spent at retailer’s outlet, decreasing the total distance traveled, assigning the top revenue-generating outlet to the best field agent, etc.

Territory Mapping

Categorize retailers or outlets as per revenue, volume, or product lines.

Preferred Time-Slots

Plan schedules factoring-in preferred visiting time-slots for all retail outlets.

Avoiding Overlap

Create schedules sustaining time-gap between visits to the same retailer.

Effective Sales Visit Scheduling

Effective Sales Visit Scheduling

Plan schedules, or permanent journey plans, for entire field sales force in quick time and compare across multiple schedules to find out which best suits your operations.

Automatic Assignments

Assign the right task or retail visit to the field sales agent with the right skill-set for added efficiency and conversion power. Ensure that timelines for each visit are unique and fitting in preferred slots.

Easy and Simple Interface

Field sales agents follow a simple in-app interface directing them to all their visits, giving them the ability to check-in and check-out with accurate time-stamps, and easy retailer feedback capture.

Plan for Every Constraint

Route Optimization

Plan routes optimized for local traffic for faster delay-free traveling.

Increased Visits/Day

More retail outlets visited per days within the prescribed timelines.

Reduced Distances

Lesser total distance traveled per day with faster and optimized routes.

Dynamic ETAs

Live tracking and dynamic estimated time of arrivals for all sales visits.

Regular Visits

Timely visits to outlets to sustain revenue, lead time, and order cycles.

Optimal Service Time

Ideal time spent at each outlet for better relations and higher conversion.

Effective Sales Visit Scheduling

Outlet-Sales Mapping

Map retail outlets within territories as per local demographics, revenue generated or volume consumed, SKUs or product line catered, to the right sales professionals.

Revenue Balancing

Plan optimized schedules to balance incoming revenue from different retail outlets, sustain sales volumes across product lines and territories, and to balance the load across sales professionals.

Skill-Set Mapping

Identify skill-sets of different field sales agents, their relationship with individual retailers, and their ability to handle different product lines to assign them the outlets which they can effectively convert.