Route Planning in
Secondary Distribution

Plan better delivery routes which reduce overall turnaround time for resources and ensure on-time deliveries.

Capacity Management in Primary Distribution

Efficient Route and Resource Planning

Identify resource skill-sets in terms of local knowledge and affinity to assign the right orders to the right resources. Plan better routes to increase total on-time deliveries covered in a day.

Automated Allocation

Assign right orders to the resource best suited to deliver them efficiently and on-time.

Scan-in Scan-Out

Easily scan-in and scan-out unit and crate items while loading and unloading respectively.

Route Planning

Plan optimized routes for each delivery trip to reduce traffic or other detention and delays.

Dynamic ETA Calculation

Showcase the exact time when each order would be delivered to all relevant stakeholders.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Validate all deliveries digitally using images from in-app camera and e-sign mechanism.

Error-free Invoicing

Ensure error-free invoicing by syncing validate invoices with the system in real-time.

Streamlining Secondary Distribution

Streamlining Secondary Distribution

Ensure high efficiency of all logistics movement within your secondary distribution with on-time deliveries as per preferred time windows and increased resource utilization.

Schedule Planning

Plan schedules which cover all preferred delivery time-slots for retailers stores while increasing total deliveries fulfilled in a day. This would increase resource utilization and decrease turnaround time.

Route Optimization

Optimize routes for all your vehicles to ensure on-time deliveries along with dynamically updated ETAs avoiding local traffic hassles. Shorter routes decrease total distance traveled and associated costs.

Efficient Resource Management

Efficient Resource Management

Optimized resource management results in better-directed resources with improved performance, higher efficiency, and lower overall movement costs.

Smart Assignments

Improve overall performance of resources, including drivers, delivery personnel, and vehicles by using smart assignments where each resource is given the order that it is best suited to efficiently fulfill.

Reduced Costs

Plan shorter and better routes while using the localized knowledge of drivers and delivery personnel to ensure efficient and on-time deliveries. Lesser distance traveled and resource time spent reduces overall costs.