Management in
Primary Distribution

Efficiently manage carrying capacities of all vehicles to get more out of them as they move towards hubs.

Capacity Management in Primary Distribution

Keep Your Primary Distribution Healthy

Ensure timely and safe movement of all SKUs to warehouses and distributors while maintaining optimized schedules and fast routes for reduced cost of movement and high efficiency.

Capacity Optimization

Better utilize resource and vehicle capacity to reduce logistics movement costs.

Easy Loading and Unloading

Scan and load each unit item in each crate for easy processing and complete visibility.

Shorter Turnaround Time

Optimize routes for fast but safe movement to reduce turnaround time for resources.

Increase Efficiency Within Primary Distribution

Increase Efficiency Within Primary Distribution

Assess different criteria like priority statuses for shipments, vehicle capacity & availability, and traffic-light routes to drive more efficiency at lower costs.

Create SLA Compliant and Productive Schedules

Ensure that all your resources follow a planned schedule which complies with multiple service level agreements such as on-time and electronically validated deliveries of undamaged merchandise.

Ensure Fast and Safe Movement of Shipment

Direct your vehicles through faster routes optimized to avoid heavy traffic or detention while ensuring safety for the moving merchandise, reducing overall distance traveled and total turnaround time.

Reduce Costs and Improve Performances

Reduce Costs and Improve Performances

Make sure all your vehicles are optimally utilized across the entire primary leg of distribution with clear performance measurement.

Keep Your Bottom Line Down and Steady

Reduce cost of resource movement by identifying the ideal vehicle for each trip based on shipment requirements and optimizing the delivery schedules to reduce losses due to trucks moving with idle capacities.

Consistently Improve Vehicle Performance

Track the performance of each driver and vehicle to better manage service level agreements. Ensure that all vehicles are well-maintained by closely tracking their movement and driver behavior.

Live Tracking and Instant Alerts

Vehicle Tracking

GPS based live tracking of vehicles to find the exact location of each shipment at any time.

Crate Level Tracking

Tracking the loading and unloading of each unit in each crate using easy in-app scanning.

Dynamic ETA Calculation

Track the estimated time of arrival of each shipment from a comprehensive dashboard.

Instant Alerts

Receive instant alerts in case of any delay, detention, or SLA breach involving any shipment.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Record the proof of deliveries electronically for increased transparency and accountability.

Error-free Invoicing

Validate the invoices at the time of delivery and instantly sync them with your system.

Easily Track Each Unit in Every Crate at Any Time

Easily Track Each Unit in Every Crate at Any Time

Scan all units to add them directly into the system for faster loading and dispatch. Follow the simple and intuitive app-design through faster and optimized routes to ensure on-time deliveries.