Field Workforce Schedule Planning

Increase the productivity of your field service representatives with advanced schedule or journey planning.

Field Workforce Schedule Planning
Take Your Routes for a Ride

Take Your Routes for a Ride

Expertly plan the routes of all your field professionals to help them visit more venues or outlets in a shorter time, taking the most optimized path, avoiding traffic prone areas, and reaching each outlet on-time.

Make Plans that Work for You

Make Plans that Work for You

Plan perfect schedules for all field visits taking into consideration multiple considerations such as preferred time slots, visits to outlets at regular intervals for better relations, etc.

Map All Details of The Areas You Serve

Create virtual demarcations called geofences where each section represents an area of well-defined strategic interests. Divide large territories into important geofenced areas for better planning and control.

Maximize All In-Coming Revenue

Identify the revenue and business coming in from each area or outlet to figure which parts of the planning or areas need more focus and how best to direct field agents to maximize work in these areas.

Multiple Constraints to Create the Best Plans

Shorter Distances

Create faster routes traveling smaller distances while covering more outlets.

Preferred Time-Slots

Plan visits to outlets as per the preferred times requested by the clients.

Multiple Choices in Plans

Visually compare field movement schedule options and pick the best one.

Optimal Service Time

Schedule visits with a clear option to optimize the time spent at each outlet.

Regular Interval Visits

Plan regular field agent visits to key outlets to improve their engagement.

Unique Schedules

Ensure each agent has a unique schedule avoiding any overlap with other agents.

Improve Task Allocation with Automation

Improve Task Allocation with Automation

Increase the performance of all field service professionals by automatically assigning tasks while balancing incoming revenue and orders across agents.

Assign Right Task to the Right Agent

Tasks are automatically assigned to field agents who have more local knowledge and better relationships with clients in that area. This increases their chance of conversion and engagement.

Create the Perfect Field Service Ecosystem

Plan visits to different outlets with a view to balance the incoming orders and manage the lead time, time taken to fulfill the order, accordingly. This helps streamline the production and delivery movement.