Optimize Routes for Field Workforce

Optimize Routes for Field Workforce

Guide your field workforce through fast and safe routes to reach their destinations on-time and cover more visits per day.

Better Route Planning and Optimization

Get ahead of the actual execution on the ground by planning and optimizing the routes which the field agents would follow along their trips. Use live traffic analysis to avoid unnecessary delays.

Shorter Routes

Make your field agents take shorter routes covering their visits in lesser time.

Live Traffic Analysis

Analyze live traffic patterns to know which roads to take cutting down bottlenecks.

On-time Visits

Reach all destinations on time with reduced delays and better ETA prediction.

Reduce Turnaround Time for Trips

Reduce Turnaround Time for Trips

Higher control over real-time route management helps managers react faster to random on-ground occurrences such as traffic hold-ups or meeting delays.

Optimize Routes for Faster Timelines

Take the best route covering more client or outlet visits per trip while traveling lesser distances. Ensure your field agents spend their more time with the clients and less on the road.

Reduce Bottlenecks Across All Trips

While reducing total distance traveled, also reduce the time spent even on shorter routes by avoiding traffic-prone areas (or time slots when the area is traffic heavy) using enhanced machine learning backed real-time analysis.

Dynamic Rerouting and ETA Recalculation

Dynamic Rerouting and ETA Recalculation

Expertly manage all active visits on a trip, even the random incoming visit requests from the client or outlets. Just reroute trips without affecting current assignments.

Reroute Trips Without Affecting Timelines

Accommodate ad-hoc client visit requests within active trips without affecting the rest of planned visits in the day. System carefully reroutes the trip to ensure minimal delays, communicating the same to respective stakeholders.

Calculate Accurate ETAs for Each Visit

Know the exact time when a field agent would visit the client or outlet with accurate ETAs. Even when a trip is rerouted, the ETAs are recalculated accurately and communicated to the clients immediately.