the Right Agent with the Right Task

The Right Agent with the Right Task

Ensure that the right field agent is assigned the right task or work order which maximizes overall performance.

Divide Territories into Strategic Work Areas

Divide Territories into Strategic Work Areas

Create a winning strategy with effective territory differentiation based on its revenue potential, required field agent skill-sets for conversion, associate product categories, etc.

Relate Field Agents with Most-Suited Areas

Some field agents have sustained relationships with clients in an area which can be leveraged. Identify the skill sets and local knowledge of such agents to directly associate them with that area.

Categorize Outlets for Better Agent Allocation

Identify outlets and areas which showcase high revenue or volume purchase and categorize them accordingly. Assign the best the field agent to the best category for higher returns.

Boost Performances with Smart Assignments

Bring out the best out of your on-ground field workforce by using machine-learning enabled allocation engine to create multiple field agent + outlet (or client) match which is productive and efficient.

Automated Dispatch

Assign tasks and dispatch field agents quickly through a simple web or mobile interface.

Field Agent Empowerment

Active field agents can assign ad-hoc tasks to themselves with a clear fulfillment timeline.

Streamline Work Order Management

Streamline Work Order Management

Multiple tasks, service requests, and interactions relating to a single client or outlet can be tracked through efficient work order management.

Instantly Create and Assign Work Orders

Work orders can be created instantly and assigned to specific field agents, automatically planning all associated task, scheduled visits, and interactions. Automated allocation of work order leads to faster fulfillment.

Easily Track the Status of Each Work Order

Track the status of each work order starting from fast allocation and dispatch, timely task or service execution, and proper validation of task completion backed by accurate timestamps and instant client feedback.