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After months of rigorous and extensive research, involving interviews of more than 500 CXOs, utilizing petabytes of information and running combinations of future scenarios, LogiNext unveils its groundbreaking white paper to decipher the future of field service management in multiple industries.
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Optimize your last mile logistics. Plan routes better and automate resource allocation.
Optimize your field workforce tasks and plan their movements and schedules.
Optimize your Real-Time Deliveries with real time assignments, tracking, and alerts.

Deloitte names LogiNext one of the fastest growing company in APAC


Deloitte names LogiNext the 95th fastest growing company in all the Asia Pacific region. Previously, Deloitte also named LogiNext as the 7th fastest growing company with 841% growth in revenue operating in India. This follows a strong showing across the world where LogiNext was cited for similar growth and technology advancements by Forbes, Inc, Financial Times, Freightwaves, and Statista to name a few. LogiNext optimizes logistics movement for many of the top Fortune 500 companies with advanced and real-world machine learning enabled delivery route planning and live tracking software. Extending from the top players in delivery services, e-commerce, retail, consumer packaged goods, transportation in the United States, Gulf region, Southeast Asia, and India. It operates in 10 countries optimizing the movement of millions of orders per year, saving more than 15 million miles of traveling in terms of distance and time.