Pharma | All Your Medical Reps Under One Centrally Managed Dashboard
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After months of rigorous and extensive research, involving interviews of more than 500 CXOs, utilizing petabytes of information and running combinations of future scenarios, LogiNext unveils its groundbreaking white paper to decipher the future of field service management in multiple industries.
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Optimize your last mile logistics. Plan routes better and automate resource allocation.
Optimize your field workforce tasks and plan their movements and schedules.
Optimize your Real-Time Deliveries with real time assignments, tracking, and alerts.


All Your Medical Reps Under One Centrally Managed Dashboard

Comprehensive Visibility of Your Field Workforce Deployed, With Automated Task Allocation

As per IBEF, the global pharma industry is constantly growing at a rate of 5% per annum. This meteoric growth invites very high operational hassle's specially with managing the field workforce. Field workforce management becomes critically important for the pharma industry which enables them to efficiently manage all their representatives.

  • Comprehensive field workforce management through an intuitive dashboard
  • Management of on-ground field workforce in real-time with speed and accuracy
  • Automated route planning for field service agents
  • Dynamically map delays and optimize meeting requests
  • Schedule and track daily operations, maintain time sheets, manage real-time notifications

Impact :

Increased Location Visits
Increased Medical Rep Efficiency
Increased Sales Resource Utilization
Decreased Failed Visits
Decreased Travelling Cost
Decreased Documentation Errors
Field Service Workforce Optimization Leading Innovative Disruption
Pharmaceutical Industry is set to grow at a rate of 14% through 2017-2020 in South East Asia. North America sustains the Pharmaceutical market through more than $ 1 Trillion in Revenue. There is growing need to automate and streamline field workforce management in the industry. LogiNext successfully tracks and optimizes the efforts of more than a million pharma representatives in a day. Our Force TM is the best product to come into the pharmaceutical industry in decades, which simultaneously increases the efficiency and productivity of its entire workforce.
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